St Helena

August 01, 2016

Business Environment Reform in Small Island Development States (SIDS). Implications for St Helena

The Objectives of this Evidence and Learning note are:

  1. To provide evidence of constraints to, and key factors in, attracting and stimulating investment in SIDS with characteristics similar to those of St Helena; and
  2. To provide evidence from these SIDS of BE reforms, the benefits arising from reforms and incentives offered by government (directly or through enterprise development/investment promotion agencies) to assist in attracting and stimulating investment.

SIDS Learning Note

August 01, 2016

St Helena: Diagnostic Technical Support

The Objectives of this Diagnostic Study are:

  1. To identify through a diagnostic process the key reforms that the local and international private sector would look for under a refreshed investment strategy for the island;
  2. To determine what factors are key to attracting investment and stimulating business development within similar countries or territories (including Small Island Development States), and what benefits/incentives are offered by enterprise development agencies in these locations to assist in this process (this objective will be met by a separate study (and fed into this review);
  3. To meet with key island stakeholders, including elected officials and SHG staff, to test their reaction to implementing reforms in areas identified by the private sector (2.1 above), or through comparisons from elsewhere (2.2 above), and to obtain multi-stakeholder support for a short list of high priority reforms;
  4. To identify gaps and make recommendations on how investment promotion and further business development efforts could be strengthened;
  5. To lead an initial workshop with key stakeholders on island (including Enterprise St Helena, as well as elected members, SHG officials, Chambers of Commerce, key investors and business people) to achieve ownership of the assignment findings, and to agree a timeline and activity plan on investment climate and promotion improvements, including identification of quick/early wins which can be implemented within the first six months, and that will form part of DFID’s second phase of support to Enterprise St Helena.