August 01, 2016

Pakistan: Online Feedback Mechanism Scoping Visit Report

The Objectives for this Stakeholder Engagement report are:

  1. Analyse the existing PPD structures in Punjab, with particular reference to work being done by IFC in the area of BER;
  2. Identify main stakeholder groups within Punjab who will be the primary users of the online feedback mechanism;
  3. Identify the technologies most commonly used by these groups (e.g. internet, smartphones, SMS, etc.) and analyse the extent to which particular stakeholder groups, such as women, have equal access.
  4. Develop a TOR for creating:
    • An online feedback mechanism to enable stakeholders to provide information to government about the impact of the Business Environment and priorities and ideas for potential reforms.
    • A feedback loop system whereby the Government of Punjab can respond to issues raised through the online facility.  A marketing and outreach plan to ensure effective use of the mechanism


May 19, 2016

Pakistan: Punjab BERF Research and Diagnostic Report

The Objectives of this Research Study are as follows:

  1. Verify that the priority sectors identified in the Growth Strategy are the ones with the greatest potential to attract investment and drive growth. This will also include an assessment of which sub sectors within agribusiness and ‘other manufacturing’ should be targeted for the sector-wise business environment analysis under this project.
  2. Identify the binding constraints in the business environment to investment in the priority sectors of Punjab’s Growth Strategy Assess the implications of these constraints in terms of economic growth, job creation and women’s economic empowerment.
  3. Provide recommendations as to how these sector specific business environment constraints can be addressed, drawing on evidence on how these have been tackled elsewhere. This exercise will include an indication of the role of provincial government versus federal government in overcoming these constraints.


May 19, 2016

Pakistan: Evidence and Learning Note on Business Environment Reform in Sindh

The objectives for this Evidence and Learning project are:

  1. Provide an overview of the business environment landscape in Sindh, including mapping the key actors and stakeholders involved and business environment reforms currently underway or planned, and assessing how reforms might impact on employment levels.

November 22, 2016

Pakistan: BERF Punjab Support to PPD

The objectives for this Stakeholder Engagement project are:

  1. Examine and provide recommendations on the proposed BER PPD Unit which has been designed to sit within the PPP Cell in Planning and Development Department (P&D), in particular the proposed staffing, functions and other relevant operational details; and provide recommendations to P&D on whether the PPD Unit’s proposed location is effective and efficient and if an alternative location is proposed, provide clear reasoning for this recommendation.
  2. Examine and provide recommendations on the proposed PPD Council, including possible modifications to its current membership, meeting schedule and objectives.
  3. Examine the Investment Climate Reform Unit (ICRU) with reference to its suitability as an apex body for BER in Punjab, and in particular its proposed staffing, functions and other relevant details concerning its operation