August 01, 2016

Kenya Creative Economy Report

The Objectives of this Study are:

  1. To work with the MoSCA in undertaking an inclusive dialogue with the private sector, and
  2. To produce a Cultural Economy BER issues report roadmap based on the PPD workshop and supporting secondary analysis.

BERF Kenya Creative Economy Report_March 2017

August 01, 2016

Kenya Phase 2: Export Strategy and BER (Technical Support)


  1. To provide advisory support to the revised National Export Strategy to reflect BER constraints to exporting; and
  2. To provide advisory support to the private sector dialogue process to prioritise BER reforms that constraint key export sectors
    Report Pending


April 01, 2016

Investment Climate Reform Scoping Study Kenya

The purposes of the technical support provided were to provide support to DFID Kenya and the Government of Kenya (GOK) in informing the creation of the business case as well as strategies on how to implement Business Environment Reforms (BER) reforms in the Cultural Economy, Industrialisation and Export Strategies. Objectives include:

  1. Provide DFID Kenya with a High level Road Map covering implementation components and supporting institutions with the view to support the creation of the business case and potentially offering implementation support;
  2. Provide DFID Kenya and the GOK a Cultural Economy BER assessment covering diagnostic assessment and development of a strategy and action plan (supported by rapid research of what has worked for BE reform in Africa and elsewhere), and potentially offer implementation support;
  3. Provide DFID Kenya and the GOK an Industrialisation and Export Strategy BER/Investment Climate diagnostic assessment, strategy and action plan and potentially support implementation.