Webinar on Measuring Value for Money (VfM) in DFID’s BER Programmes

BERF held its first webinar on ‘Measuring Value for Money (VfM) in DFID’s Business Environment Reform (BER) Programmes’ on Thursday, 29 September 2016.  The event held in collaboration with the World Bank/IFC, attracted interest from DFID Country Officers, other bilateral partners, international development agencies that are involved in designing and implementing BER programmes and BERF partners and associates.

The webinar followed the publication of a BERF Evidence and Learning Note entitled ‘’How to Measure VfM in DFID’s Business Environment Reform Programmes, including those delivered by the IFC’. It was aimed at sharing lessons learnt in measuring VfM in DFID’s and other donors’ BER programmes using evidence from a range of sources including the Evidence and Learning Note. Continue reading