Political Economy Analysis in Action: Zimbabwe

BERF Team Leader Peter Wilson recently returned from one of BERF’s first assignments in Zimbabwe, a review of DFID’s Business Enabling Environment Programme (BEEP) ‘Zimbisa’. Zimbisa focuses on improvements to the poor state of business advocacy in Zimbabwe through public-private dialogue (PPD).  Even in Zimbabwe’s difficult political and economic climate, the programme has been a success.

Political Economy Analysis

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First meeting of the Consultative Advisory Panel

We held the first CAP meeting today for BERF.  The panel agreed its objectives and terms of reference going forward,  it had an initial discussion of some of the cross cutting issues including gender, political economy analysis, fragile and conflict affected states (FCAS), and environment/climate, and it had an a discussion about the emerging policy agenda (Activity D).

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Doing Business: Distance to Frontier

We have been looking at the “Distance to Frontier” data for DFID partner countries as a potential logframe indicator for BERF at Impact level.  The good news is that data is available for 27 of the 28 DFID partner countries, only excluding Somalia.  Data is readily downloadable for the period 2010 – 2016, though some countries do not have a full dataset for years before 2014.

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