About BERF

Business Environment Reform Facility (BERF)

BERF is funded by the UK Department For International Development (DFID) under the Business Environment for Economic Development (BEED) Programme. BERF is a central facility responding to demand from the DFID’s priority Country Offices and stakeholders to initiate, improve and scale up business environment reform programmes.  We provide expert advice, analysis of lessons learned, policy research about what works and what doesn’t and develop innovative new approaches to involving businesses and consumers in investment climate reform. BERF has a strong emphasis on strengthening the Business Environment for women and girls, as well as for young adults more generally.  It is also aiming to improve the relationship between business and the physical environment including where relevant through linkage to climate change analysis.  BERF recognises the need for appropriate political economy analysis (PEA) in order to underpin business environment reform processes and interventions. 

BERF Components

1. The DFID Country Offices Support Facility

Assists DFID in designing new programmes for business environment reform, improves existing programmes, and more effectively learns and records lessons from other donor experience.  This has three activities: